Unlock your Audi World

There's more features to your Audi that you can unlock and have at your fingertips. With sophisticated information and entertainment functions, Audi Connect takes comfort and driving enjoyment to a new level. Audi Connect features and services are available within your car Infotainment, with additional remote features available through the myAudi app¹.

Even if you drive an Audi without an in-built Audi Connect function, you can access these features via your car and smartphone with the Audi Connect plug and play device. Simply plug in, create your account and link your phone – and you can check your car stats, monitor fuel and oil, check your service schedule and more. All straight from the plug and play app.

We can help you get set up. Call your local Marriott Audi and our Connect Specialist will assist you through the connection process from the comfort of your own home or in our showroom.

myAudi app

The myAudi app wraps all Audi tech into one seamless experience between you, your Audi, your Smartphone and the internet.

From remote control locking and receiving Service reminders to checking your fuel level, electric range, or charging time and sending routes to your car, learn how to unlock your Audi world¹. 

For the best experience download the myAudi app onto your smartphone or tablet. Next, get ready to jump in your car to connect it for the best features.​ Available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Features include:

  • Service Reminders
  • Automatically send vehicle and service data to your preferred Centre, so they can conveniently organise your service for you
  • Remote locking/unlocking
  • Navigating where you parked your Audi
  • Send destinations directly to your vehicle so you are ready to go as soon as you start the car
  • Check for fuel/charging stations and points of interest nearby
  • Keep an eye on warnings like low windscreen wash
  • Get real time information about your vehicle - like whether your doors and windows are closed
  • Keep an eye on your fuel level, oil and AdBlue levels

Audi Connect plug and play

If you drive an earlier Audi without an embedded Sim, you can still access Audi Connect features via the separate plug and play device, now available to purchase. You can see your fuel levels and costs, see driving statistics and even get walking directions to your car’s parked location.

As well as giving you useful vehicle information on your smartphone, the Audi Connect plug and play app will notify when you’re due a service and can even send your vehicle details to your preferred Audi Centre for booking.

Features include:

  • Latest vehicle information on your smartphone
  • Notified when you’re due a service
  • Request a service appointment at your Audi Centre at any time
  • Document your trips and view your driving data
  • Save your parking location and be guided to your vehicle
  • 24-hour roadside assistance or the Audi service hotline

To buy your Connect Plug and Play device and gain advice on setting it up please contact your local Marriott Audi.

Audi Connect Infotainment

Audi connect Infotainment provides a wealth of entertainment and information at your finger tips in the comfort of your car through your MMI screen.

Your Audi connects to the internet to access a range of helpful features which also link to your myAudi app¹. These features include:

  • Points of Interest (POI) search with voice control
  • Parking information can suggest parking locations as you approach your destination
  • Information on Fuel Prices allows you to find filling stations in your location and compare the price before making the trip
  • Weather information
  • Navigation with Google Earth with high-resolution aerial and satellite images
  • Audi Themes
    • Themes allow you to customise and personalise your car's infotainment screen (MMI) and ambient lighting (where fitted). By purchasing and activating these themes, the background image in the MMI and the appropriate ambient lighting are adjusted in the interior. Themes can be purchased in the myAudi app and activated in the vehicle or from the myAudi app.

To access the benefits of Audi Connect, you will need to have an active Connect licence (Audi Themes do not require a licence). Your car may have been delivered with either a 3 month or 36 month Connect licence, depending on model. If your car does not have an active Connect licence, or you are unsure, you can purchase one in the myAudi app. For more details please contact us.

Feature upgrades. Just tap.

Many of us are already used to downloading function upgrades to electronics like smartphones and televisions. With Functions on Demand, you’ll be able to do the same for your Audi.

If your car is equipped, you’ll be able to trial and purchase advanced features such as automated Park Assist or Matrix LED headlights, straight from the MyAudi app. You can even enable features for a period of time that suits you, so you only pay for options and upgrades when you need them.

So far this is only available for e-trons but more models will become available in the near future.