Join the Refill Revolution with us​

We're on the Refill App to play our part in helping to reduce plastic pollution.

The free Refill App shows places to drink, eat and shop with less waste. Our dealerships are shown on the App map as somewhere you can come to refill your water bottle for free!

Improving our environmental impact is of crucial importance to us at Marriott Motor Group, it is one of our company values, so we are always looking for opportunities to take action towards positive environmental change. Therefore, joining the Refill App and offering free water refills at our showrooms made perfect sense.

The app shows on a map places that:

  • offer free water refills
  • offer discounts for bringing your own cup for your coffee
  • offer reduced plastic shopping
  • allow you to take your own lunchbox to get your food to go
  • public water fountains

Plastic is not only polluting our planet & contributing to the climate crisis, but it’s making its way into our bodies through the air we breathe and the food we eat. Below are some facts and figures in relation to plastic waste.

We hope to help improve these negative environmental impacts by being part of the Refill App, raising awareness of it and encouraging people to join the #RefillRevolution.

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