Aftersales Overall Satisfaction Ratings

Customer Satisfaction is one of our key business measurements. What do our customers really think about us...have we made it easy, enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons?

That is certainly the case at Kings Lynn and Bury St Edmunds Audi in Aftersales Overall Satisfaction.​

Based on a survey completed by our customers following an Aftersales experience, Bury St Edmunds Audi were ranked 5th Nationally for Customer Satisfaction during quarter 2 of this year. What a fabulous achievement and a huge well done to the team!

Kings Lynn Audi were also awarded a special place for Overall Customer Satisfaction...Number 1 Nationally! The same as Bury St Edmunds Audi, the ranking is based on customer surveys following an Aftersales experience at Kings Lynn Audi.

To be number 1 in any measurement is always super special, but when it is about how our customers think about us, that is an incredible achievement and something we are all very proud of. A massive well done and congratulations to the Kings Lynn Audi team!