Free Fitting On Wiper Blades And Bulbs

When you purchase wiper blades or bulbs from us at Marriott Volkswagen, we will fit them for FREE*

It is important to maintain your vehicle's wiper blades and bulbs for increased safety and visibility of the road ahead. Which is why here at Marriott Volkswagen we will fit your new wiper blades and bulbs completely free of charge, so long as you purchased the parts from us.

Our wiper blades and bulbs are genuine Volkswagen approved parts, so you can keep your vehicle 100% Volkswagen. Plus at Marriott Volkswagen, you can feel confident knowing that your new wiper blades and bulbs will be fitted by a highly experienced and expert Volkswagen technician. 

Here is a price list for Volkswagen wiper blades and bulbs:

  • Quantum standard bulb - start from £1.50 inc. VAT
  • Genuine Volkswagen bulb - start from £6 inc. VAT 
  • Best-selling long-life H7 headlamp bulb - £17.59
  • Wiper blades - start from £30 on new models

*Bulb fitting is only available on select vehicles, please check with our Service department for confirmation.