Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is one of the very best medium-sized vans money can buy, not least because it possesses a versatile load area and provides a comfortable ride. The vehicle is affordable to run too – an important consideration where the profit-and-loss account is concerned. The Trafic is available in the following trim levels: Business, Business+, Sport and Black Edition, allowing you to match the right model to your particular enterprise. The vehicle can also be selected in one of a variety of height-and-length configurations, which makes it a truly flexible automotive friend.

Discover the new Renault Trafic This van undoubtedly has a lot going for it but it’s what’s at the rear of the vehicle that really counts, and for this reason alone, the Trafic has your back. Depending on the version you select, load capacity ranges from 5,200 litres to 8,600 litres. Load lengths vary between 2.5 metres and 4.9 metres, while load heights start at 1.3 metres, peaking at 2.4 metres. Load lengths, meanwhile, are a minimum 2.5 metres and a maximum 5.3 metres. You also have the option to choose a load width of 1.6 metres or 1.9 metres.
Access all areas A hectic working day often won’t allow for the best of parking situations. With this in mind, the Trafic features a left side loading door in addition to rear doors that open 180 degrees. Access for both driver and co-passenger is, of course, as simple as can be. Crew Van models, meanwhile, feature left and right side loading doors, making it easy for passengers in the rear compartment to get in and out of the vehicle.
Keep on running A 2.0-litre diesel engine is installed as standard. All you need to do is choose your desired power output, which ranges from 119bhp to 168bhp. The Trafic returns between 44.8mpg and 50.4mpg (combined figures), while producing CO2 emissions as low as 149g/km, making it a great choice for cost-conscious businesses.
Dressed for success Whatever type of company you own, you should be able to select a paint finish that will match your brand. All models are available in Glacier White, Magma Red or Urban Grey as standard, with the exception of Black Edition trims. This comes in Glacier White, Urban Grey or Mercury – or black, of course. A range of optional paint finishes are also available for the Trafic, including Copper Brown, Oyster Grey and Panorama Grey.
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