Renault Tyres

Tyres are a crucial component of your car, so it is important to make sure your car is always equipped with tyres in good health.

Over time, tyres start to wear down due to use, which can become quite hazardous if left unchecked as the distance your car has to travel in order to stop is increased significantly. This can be especially dangerous during wet and cold weather, due to the road losing grip. Furthermore, if your tyres are in very bad condition, they may be become illegal to use, which may incur a nasty penalty.

It is good practice to regularly check the tread depth of your tyres to make sure they are still efficient and not illegal. Your tyres must have a tread depth beyond 1.6mm across 75% of the centre of the tyre, anything less than this is classed as illegal and would not pass an MOT due to the dramatic reduction in safety and handling. To avoid this, bring your Renault to us at Bristo's Renault and we will be more than happy to check your tread depth, for free.

Alternatively, if the tyres on your Renault vehicle have low pressure or are flat, driving your vehicle can be dangerous to your passengers and those around you. To stop this issue, we recommend bringing in your vehicle so we can inspect your tyres for free and ensure they're in good health.

Should your tyres require replacement due to unsatisfactory tread depth or a puncture, Bristo's Renault stock Renault OE Tyres, specifically designed for your Renault. Renault OE Tyres have been specifically designed by Renault for your car, with up to 5 years of engineering behind each tyre type due to the 30-40 points of criteria that are adhered.

The Renault Service Pack is available on eligible retail vehicles and ends when the vehicle limit of services or number of years has expired (whichever comes first). Services must be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s minimum maintenance programme requirements and servicing intervals within +/- 1 month or 1,000 miles of the service interval and can only be carried out at a Renault Approved outlet. Servicing does not include wear and tear parts including but not limited to brakes, tyres and wiper blades. To qualify you must order and purchase the Service Pack from a Renault Approved outlet or Cannot be part exchanged, refunded or transferred. Figures correct at time of going to publication and available at participating dealers only. All prices include VAT.